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NASA accidentally shows proof of Large-Scale Weather Manipulation in satellite images

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NASA accidentally shows proof of Large-Scale Weather Manipulation in satellite images

Is this a massive conspiracy? Or is it possible that NASA really is playing around with our weather on Earth?

Many people would most likely agree we are looking at a massive conspiracy, while others believe the evidence is right in front of us.

This year’s Caribbean hurricane season has turned ‘weather’ into a dominant subject in the world.

Catastrophic damage has been witnessed in the Caribbean, where entire Islands were swept away by the incredible power of mother nature. However, is this just mother nature’s work, or is there something ELSE going on?

For decades have ‘conspiracy theories’ about weather control circulated the internet, and rumors of weather control by the government have become ever so popular.

What was considered as an impossible feat, today is possible thanks to decade-long geoengineering efforts that have given us the ability to control the weather: resulting in a two-way street that can destroy our planet as much as it can help.

Climate engineering commonly referred to as geoengineering, also known as climate intervention, is the deliberate and large-scale intervention in the Earth’s climatic system with the aim of affecting adverse global warming.

So where is that EVIDENCE? Where can I see with my own eyes that our weather is actually being manipulated?

Well, see for yourself.

Located just off the coast of Africa. Changing the weather has become a reality fro humanity, but it seems that we arent really able to control it, are we?

Just off the coast of Australia, this images shows how bad it can get. The above image, perfectly explain what Dane Wigington, writing for Wakeup-World, and Davide Wolfe describes as “many variances of radio frequency cloud impacts”

This images shows the coast of California. Maybe its time to stop weather modification projects before we mess up Earth’s climate for good.

Off Africa’s west coast. Are we in danger to lose control?

Another image from Africa’s west coast.

Weather control off the coast of Spain. We are changing the weather, and its not for the good of the human population.

Here is another image off the African coast.

Africa’s coastal regions are a hot zone for weather geoengineering efforts even though they are referred to by mainstream media as nothing more than the result of “dust” in the air, notes Dane Wigington who quotes an excerpt from a Fox9 News article:

“Right now, much of the Gulf of Mexico and parts of the Caribbean have slightly warmer than normal ocean temperatures which would normally aid in tropical development.

“But there is so much dust and dry air in the atmosphere that storms are getting choked off before they even get started.”

Dane indicates how radio frequency transmissions can alter cloud formations, and that its the result of the“spraying of toxic electrically conductive heavy metals”. Now take a wild guess and imagine everything we breathe.

Is HAARP really responsible for weather changes? In this next image, Dane clearly points out that the enigmatic set of clouds formed near a HAARP Station, which eventually generated the unique looking cloud patterns.

Check out this video:

What are your thoughts about this?

Source and reference: David WolfeWakeup-WorldFox9 News


Ivan is editor-in-chief at, he also writes for Universe Explorers.
You may have seen him appear on the Discovery and History Channel.

  • marlio

    False scientist should quit endangering Gods planet before he smites them down for their iniquities!!!

  • HydroNinj

    The image that shows a HAARP station with “unique looking cloud patterns” does not even have HAARP in the image. Whoever made the image simply outlined an area to make it look like the clouds were effected by something there. It is pretty obvious there is not much but ocean underneath the clouds in that image. HAARP is located in Alaska. Last I checked that was on solid land. FYI it is also ~60miles from the coast.

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